Halloween gymkhana.

Halloween photos

To celebrate Halloween more or less ninety students of the Bilingual Section took part in a Halloween gymkhana last Wednesday. We set them a number of tasks they had to do always in groups. Some of those tasks were:

  • Surprise box
  • Halloween quiz
  • Picture Dictation
  • Dancing
  • French blog activity
  • Finding Halloween stuff
  • Counting haunted places

The task they had for Arts and Crafts was a Picture Dictation. They had to draw different objects related to Halloween in an enchanted casttle. It was a complete success! They had fun and as you can see all of them were dressed in Halloween customs.

Thanks to all the teachers who helped us to make it possible! Javier! I’m waiting for another crazy idea! Congrats!

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1 respuesta

  1. Javier dice:

    Excellent job! Our Halloween gymkhana was great due to everybody’s effort and cooperation. Our bilingual children really enjoyed it and the teachers did a great job. That’s the way things work.