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Sol Fernández, Anastasia Altukhova, Paula Gordillo  and María Sánchez Esperilla have been the winners of the Skills for Life, Skills for Future Writing Competition. The students from the five partner countries participating in our Comenius project submitted different tasks in the form of digital presentations and essays about topics connected with the partenr countries’ educational systems, their dream job or their experience within Comenius. The four Spanish students got the highest score. Congratulations! In addition, the chosen logo for the project was designed by Jorgen Álvarez. Here is an example of an essay written by Anastasia::


‘Fortunately, I had two Comenius experiences in only two years and I have to say that they were the best travels in all my life. I was in Slovakia (the first Comenius trip) and in Poland (the last Comenius trip).

The first one was a year ago, in January 2013. My six classmates and me were selected for the first trip and the truth is that we were very nervous because we didn’t know the people, the countries and in general, Comenius was the first program that we did in our class.

The first impressive news about Slovakia was the person whose house I lived in. I was waiting for a student, but one day I received an email from Monika Krileková, an English teacher in Slovakia. I was so surprised! Monika has three children, however I was a little scared to stay in her house. The second unexpected news was that also Karoliina Perho, a Finnish student, would live with me in Monika’s house.

I don’t remember the flight very well because for me travelling by plane was a normal thing, so I was sleeping during all the trip.

When we arrived in Nizna, I forgot my English! In the moment when I sat down in Monika’s car I couldn’t even explain how the trip was. Luckily, Karoliina joined in and was speaking with Monika. Later, we arrived home, because we lived near to Nizna, in another town. When I met Monika’s family all my fear disappeared. I loved that family!

In summary, my first Comenius experience passed so quickly. I met a lot of new people, I learnt very interesting words like “Prst” which mean “finger” in Slovak, I improved my English, etc, etc, etc. But the most exciting thing was the snow! I’m from Ukraine and the last time when I saw the snow was when I was seven years old. So I was so happy to see it again!

When we came back home I didn’t think that I couldn’t repeat another Comenius trip, but I was wrong!

Happily I was wrong! Only one month ago I was in Poland!

This time I was more calm and more excited about travelling. In Poland Daria Behling, a Polish student, was my host. We were speaking on Facebook so much and I was so happy to be in her house.

The week In Poland pass also so quickly and this time we met a lot of people from other countries, so we were more aroused (?). We explored a new very interesting culture, we were in different and beautiful cities, we visited the Polish army (the best thing for me in all my Comenius experience) and many other things.

The worst moment was the farewell, everybody knew that this was the last trip, the last experience and probably we couldn’t see each other more times…

But I have to say that this experience was unforgettable!!! I’m so happy to know all these people that I met, to see two different and amazing cultures and countries, to start speaking English better, to enjoy these trips!!!’

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