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Aquí tenéis el plan de actividades previsto para el encuentro de profesores de Finlandia, Hungría y Eslovenia que se celebrará en nuestro centro durante la primera semana de marzo:

Sunday 1st

11.25-14.25 Arrival of participants

Finland and Hungary – 11.25

Slovenia – 14.25

19.30 (approx) Arrival in Almendralejo


Monday 2nd


09.30 Welcome and introduction

Tour of the school

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Presentation of the programmes being implemented at school (bilingual programme and  school linguistic project). Room 2

Workshop: Using applications for practising speaking skills (VoiceThread, Voki …)  Room 31

14.00 Lunch at school

15.00 Free time


16.30 CLIL training session by Miguel A. España, English teacher at IES Tierrablanca.

19.00 End of activities


Tuesday 3rd


09.00 Presentation: “The role of the language assistant at school” by Jacob Cotton. Room 2

10.00 Observing lessons. Different options:

Maths: Lower Secondary, 4th grade. Piedad Mesías. Room 22

Economics: Upper Secondary, 1st grade. Paco Gragero. Room 3A

Industrial Communications: Vocational Training, 2nd grade. José Luis Redrejo. Room 31.

10.55 Coffee break

11.25 Observing lessons. Options:

French: Upper Secondary, 1st grade. Mª José (French). Room 3A

English: Upper Secondary, 2nd grade. Javi Cerrato (English). Room 2

12.15 Planning tasks for Slovenia. Room 2

13.05 Example of good practices on speaking skills:

Experience in Cazorla English Camp presented by 2nd graders (Mónica’s students)

Room 25

14.00 Lunch at school + free time




16.00 Guided tour of  Mérida (Roman Theatre, Roman Art Museum, Santa Eulalia Church, shopping)

21.30 (approx.)  Arrival in Almendralejo


Wednesday 4th

07.30 Trip to Córdoba (whole day)

Mosque-Cathedral, Alcázar, Jewish Quarter, shopping

21.30  (approx.) Arrival in Almendralejo


Thursday 5th


09.45 Introduction to learning communities

10.05 Examples of good practices through learning communities:

Peer learning through interactive groups, an approach to  prevent early

school drop-out. Technology class with Juan Fernández de Vega

10.55 Coffee break

11.25 Dialogic teaching – spoken interaction in English. Art class with María Carbajal.

Room 20

12.15 Spanish omelette competition with 2nd graders (Maite’s students). Room 21

Guest teachers are invited to be members of the jury

14.00 Lunch at school


17.30 Visit to Pago de las Encomiendas Winery (+ tastings). Short drive by car.

19.30 Arrival in Almendralejo


Friday 6th


09.10 Observing lessons (feel free to take part). Options:

Lower Secondary, 1st graders – María Carbajal. Arts and Crafts. Room 20

Lower Secondary, 2nd graders – Beatriz Salguero. Maths. Room 25

Upper Secondary, 1st grade. Piedad Álvarez. Physics. Room 2A

09.55 Exploring the Europass. Room 31

10.55 Coffee break

11.30 Dissemination of school international projects presented by students (+ short theatrical performance)

14.00 Lunch at school

15.00 Free time (a chance to have a walk around town and go shopping)


20.30 Dinner together

Saturday 7th

08.00 Departure to Barajas airport


La noticia en el periódico ‘La Capital’.

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